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6 nights / 7 days


It is our absolute joy to bring you closer to our breathtaking continent, and we know you will fall in love with the energy and magic of Botswana!

3 nights Eagle Island | 3 nights Savute

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Botswana is an incredibly diverse wilderness destination promising the most unique experiences in Africa. From mokoro-ing (or canoeing) the winding waterways of the Okavango Delta, watching the great herds of elephant swim across the mighty Chobe River, chasing predator action in the Savute and Moremi National Parks, and quad biking across the wide open salt pans of the Makgadikgadi to name just a few.


Start your Botswana adventure today in Maun with a scheduled fly-in to Eagle Island air strip.

Walking Safari

On a walking safari through the Delta you are totally enveloped in nature. You spot amazing things close-up: an insect, animal tracks, big game droppings, swarming termite mounds. These small, unexpected aspects of life often make the biggest impression. If a game drive is like reading a book: a walking safari is like actually becoming a character in that book.


Mokoro Canoe Safari

This traditional dugout canoe takes you gliding over shallow, clear waters past brilliant water lilies and papyrus grasses to areas inaccessible by boat. Bird Watching Many people come to Belmond Eagle Island Lodge purely to experience its huge variety of birds. The 400 land and aquatic species drawn to the watery Okavango Delta make for unrivalled bird viewing. Village Life Belmond Eagle Island Lodge is positioned close to Xaxaba village. On request you may visit the village and you may be invited into a private home to experience aspects of their way of life. This is no tourist attraction, but a community of people who have adapted ancient traditions to modern times.


Motorboat Safari

Motorboat safaris up the Delta takes to closer to nature and far of areas not acceptable by foot or vehicle. Barge Cruise Take a slow gently cruise down the Delta for sundowners, you might just see a Fish Eagle taking flight or pods of hippos in the distance through an African sunset.

Horseback/Helicopter Safari

We are thrilled to introduce the first helicopter and horseback safari combination in Botswana at the Belmond Eagle Island Lodge. Combining an aerial safari by private helicopter with a horse-ride through one of the world’s last true remaining wildernesses, the excursion offers a new way to explore the UNESCO world heritage site and its magnificent inhabitants.

Overnight:  Belmond Eagle Island Lodge


After breakfast you will be transferred to Eagle Island airstrip for your scheduled inter-lodge transfer flight to Savute air strip.

Game Drives

It’s dark outside as a cup of steaming coffee and a freshly-baked pastry is brought to your tent. The first rays of sun are sneaking over the horizon as you set out with your guide. As the light intensifies, the scent of wild sage perfumes the air. Early morning and late afternoon game drives take you out and among Africa’s largest populations of elephants. Big cats are on the prowl, from leopards to lions. Depending on the season you will also experience the great migrations such as zebra and antelope. Rare sightings might include the endangered wild dog, rock-climbing klipspringers and the elegant roan antelope. Equally atmospheric and exciting are evening drives, as the shadows lengthen and the sky turns red. Animals and birds emerge from their siesta, and suddenly the bush is alive with sights and sounds. Game viewing vehicles sit up to only 6 guests, allowing all on board to enjoy the wildlife from a window seat.


Lookout Hide

Head to our new viewing hide to enjoy a front-row seat of the action as elephants, hyenas and leopards gather at the watering hole for their daily drink. Bird Watching It is a fascinating time to spot birds at Savute as the intermittent Savute Channel, dry for 30 years, is flowing past the camp again. With it has come a host of new bird species. Dry land birds such as bustards and secretary birds have suddenly been joined by more aquatic varieties. Simply sit out on your terrace and watch the show, especially at dawn and sunset, as they come to splash and drink right in front of your eyes.


Bushmen Paintings and Baobab Trees

Out in the bush, where rocks rear up among stony hills you will find a collection of paintings that take your breath away. These works by Bushmen are thought to be more than 1,500 years old—beautiful images of elephant, giraffe, sable and eland antelope. Normally these types of painting might be found hidden in caves, but here, unusually, they are out in the wide, open landscape. No-one knows what materials the bushmen used, but the paint is thought to be a mixture of snake venom, blood and plant juices. After viewing these paintings, continue to the amazing baobab grove—a cathedral-like cluster of 13 giant trees that rival the Bushmen’s paintings in age. Stand among these towering columns at sunset, as the evening light bathes them in a russet glow and wonder at this ancient land.


Star Gazing

The open skies around Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge make it the perfect place to experience the vast, dark dome of the African night sky. “A jewel box” is how one of our guides describes it, and certainly it is a wealth of riches from the Milky Way to Orion and Venus. Discover how Bushmen used the stars to locate the true south. And, using a powerful telescope, gaze on constellations that visitors from the northern hemisphere may never have seen before, including the Southern Cross. The Boma Gather around the campfire in this circular log hut and exchange your day’s adventures, much as local villagers do in similar buildings throughout Botswana. Flames flicker and lamps glow as drinks are served; a choir sings traditional songs and invites you to a buffet of African specialities. Then take a comfortable seat and listen as camp guides recount tales of the bush. Musicians strike up traditional songs and the evening often ends with everyone on their feet, dancing to rhythms handed down through generations.

Overnight:  Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge



Transfer this morning to Savute airstrip for your scheduled flight to Maun with an onward connection home.


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This itinerary commences in Maun.


While Flitestar is a private aviation company and we operate a varied fleet of private jet aircraft as well as turboprops, our Travel Team are also able to assist you with scheduled flights on a range of different airlines, so please do get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements.

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