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Our Social Responsibility Programme

As a Group, we are very conscious of our Social Responsibility, the effect that our guests journeys have on the environment and the role and contribution that we can make in the destinations we travel to.  Our Journeys provide valuable revenues to the communities that we visit and sustain thousands of people along the supply chain.

Every two years we select a range of organizations who will benefit directly, financially from our business.  This is over and above the mentorship, training and development programmes that we run to develop tourism in many of the communities that we travel to.

We remain aware of Human Rights, Dignity and Suffering.  We work with local partners who are themselves socially and environmentally aware.  By travelling with The Luxury Travel Co by Amathus you are making a direct material contribution to our  programme and the people it supports.

We take pleasure in introducing our current partners, please visit their websites and support their Social Media Activities.


We are also an environmentally aware airline.  With effect from August 2020, we will be offsetting 100% of the carbon generated by our flights by reducing our carbon footprint and supporting impactful conservation.  Our carbon generation on each flight is calculated and offset through the tree planting programme of the World Land Trust.

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