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Supporting you during the Pandemic


Entry and Departure Regulations change hourly in some cases.  The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has published a highly interactive and very useful World Map highlighting current travel restrictions per country.  

Click on the button then the country applicable for the latest travel information.

Our entire programme has been designed with your Health & Safety in mind.  We have worked closely with our partners around the World to develop Holidays that are mindful of the challenging environment in which we live.  Our Hotels, Resorts & Villas are often outside metropolitan areas, all have a clearly defined health strategy in place while still allowing you to enjoy your well-earned holiday to the full.

Each of our Private Fly-In Packages details the specific strategies that our Transfer & Accommodation Collaboration partners have activated for your protection. 

Flying Safe in a New World.

With aircraft operational bases in the United Kingdom, across Europe, Africa and the United States, we are well positioned to provide global connectivity.  A recent study identified 300 key potential virus transmitting touch-points when travelling commercially through major airports versus 70 when flying privately.  Naturally this cannot be guaranteed at all times particularly when airports do not offer private terminals, but it is certainly food for thought.

It is also important to note that flying privately does not necessarily always mean flying by private jet.  We are pleased to offer a fleet of turbo-prop aircraft, many of which are as comfortable as a private jet yet offer a lower operational cost.

Before you fly
Most airports have a separate private terminal, also known as a FBO, which accommodates private jet users and crews. This building is set apart from the main airport terminal, so private passengers can avoid this altogether.

Passengers generally spend very little time in the FBO, so they are very calm and uncrowded spaces. There are lounge facilities but most passengers prefer to go directly to their aircraft soon after arrival. Security and immigration checks are made of course, but there are no queues, and they are very fast and efficient.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, FBO staff has been wearing masks and gloves, with hand sanitiser made widely available to passengers and crew members. The number of social interactions has been reduced to a minimum, so passengers will only interact with one or two staff members during their short time at the FBO.

On Board
Previously the private jet captain would have met his passengers in the FBO, and would have shaken their hands before accompanying them to the aircraft. This is now different – the captain will still greet the passengers, and communicate with them fully. But this is all done at more of a distance, with a welcome wave, rather than a handshake.  

Inside the cabin and during the flight, crew members now remain at a distance, wherever possible. We’re advising our customers to opt for a larger cabin aircraft if they wish to keep their distance from other passengers and crew. To limit the number of people on board, flight attendants are now only recommended on flights if they are necessary for passenger safety.
Masks, gloves and hand sanitiser are available onboard for both passenger and crew use.

Catering is prepared and delivered to the aircraft by specialist premium catering suppliers, who are taking even greater hygiene measures than usual. This is already waiting on the aircraft when the passengers arrive. During the flight, the passengers serve themselves to food and drinks, to avoid others touching their food.

On Arrival
After landing, passengers pass quickly through the necessary checks at their arrival airport or, where possible (for example on domestic routes) can be collected by car on the ramp, after stepping off the aircraft.  Private jets are thoroughly cleaned between each flight and sealed until the next one, paying close attention to high-touch areas such as tables, handles and seat backs.  In between flights, crew members follow strict procedures to protect themselves. If they are staying at a hotel, their rooms are fully disinfected. They avoid going out when they are at home or staying away, washing and sanitising their hands very regularly.

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