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The Laikipia region is a broad swathe of game-rich grasslands and hills that stretch from the slopes of snow capped Mount Kenya to one side and the wild deserts of the north to the other. Vast ranches have been transformed into private game reserves and several local communities in the area have joined the ranches to form a huge protected wildlife haven.


The Lewa conservancy is dedicated to conservation and is now one of East Africa's great success stories with over sixty rhinoceros, both black and white, on their property. Game viewing in the Laikipia and Lewa region is exceptional and can be in custom built safari vehicles, on foot or on a camel or horse back safari. Cultural visits to the various community development projects can be organised and other activities include scenic flights, private luxury mobile camps, fly camping or spending a night under the stars.

Another of Kenya's great conservation successes in the the Ol Pejeta Conservancy with its chimp sanctuary. The famous Mt. Kenya Safari club is also found in this region. The nearby Aberdares are an isolated volcanic range which form part of the eastern wall of the Rift Valley. It is one of Africa's richest alpine landscapes with ancient cedar forests, heather moorlands and bamboo groves divided by icy streams and waterfalls. The forests are home to Kenya's rarest antelope, the bongo.


  • Spectacular views of Mount Kenya

  • Camel & Horseback Safaris

  • Visiting the famous Mount Kenya Safari Club


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An owner run intimate camp in the heart of the Lewa conservancy

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Great camp for families, a former ranch

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