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Set against a backdrop of the mighty mountain Ol Olokwe this harsh, savagely beautiful wilderness depends on the steady flow of the Uaso Nyiro River for its existence. Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserves lie in northern Kenya and are adjacent to each other within the lands of the Samburu.

Since the area is semi-arid, animals are often concentrated near the Uaso Nyiro River, providing fabulous game viewing. The river attracts a wide variety of animal species not found south of the equator, including the majestic Beisa oryx, the reticulated giraffe, the thin-striped Grevy's zebra and the gerenuk antelope which stands on its hind legs to feed. Elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard can also all be seen along the river, and the 400 plus species of birds are positively spectacular. This area is home to the Samburu tribe, cousins of the Maasai, with whom they share the same nomadic, cattle-herding existence. In areas around the reserves, several private sanctuaries work closely with the Samburu to protect both their tribal lands and the local wildlife.

The combined area of Tsavo East and West parks covers an area of 21,812 square kilometres, making this one of the world's largest game sanctuaries. Tsavo East, once a great elephant and rhino domain, remains a unique wilderness destination –a land of harsh arid desert, housing a diversity of life. In these wild surroundings, wildlife viewing is far more challenging but also often far more rewarding. Tsavo West's boundaries encompass a huge variety of habitats, from forests and arid desert plains, to rich riverine groves and the haunting lava flows of Shetani. The endangered black rhino can be seen in the small rhino sanctuary. The park's undisputed showpiece is the crystal clear Mzima Springs with its oasis of raffia palms and fig trees. An underwater observation post here offers a novel close encounter with the large crocodiles and pods of hippo that flourish in the cold waters.


  • Excellent game viewing in Samburu

  • Discover the family life of the Samburu

  • Visit Tsavo, made famous in Out of Africa

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Eastern Samburu

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