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Our "Friends on the Ground" team have years of experience in operating in one of the most diverse and fascinating destinations on earth making us the ideal choice to plan your Indian adventure.  From the office team in Delhi to our regional guides and drivers, our Indian Team are on hand to help you create magical memories.

In addition to our tailor-made programmes, we have partnered with leading recognized travel companies such as National Geographic Journeys, Intrepid, G-Adventures and Riviera Travel to offer our guests a range of creative, interesting and immersive set-departure small group expeditions.  If you enjoy the company of like-minded travellers, then please get in touch with our Travel Team to discuss your perfect small-group journey or Click Here to have a look at some of our set-departure itineraries.

From the moment you set foot in India, the traditional ‘Namaste’ gesture - two hands joined together in welcome - will greet you. This greeting encapsulates the warmth, hospitality and culture that make a journey to India so memorable. Home to 27 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, endless variety is the leitmotif of India. The complex cultures of this 5,000-year-old civilisation fire the imagination. With its ancient customs that peacefully co-exist with ultra-modern technology, India is a true melting pot of people, languages, religions and cultures. The fascinating diversity continues through dramatic deserts and palm-fringed beaches, verdant valleys, magnificent mountains, wild jungles, intricately planned Mughal gardens, fairytale palaces and soaring skyscrapers, quaint bazaars and opulent malls.

Northern India is a ‘jewel’ in India’s crown and offers visitors a scenic and cultural wealth they would not find in a single region anywhere else in the world. From lush forests and valleys to majestic mountains, deserts to royal cities, palaces, parks, ancient monuments and temples, northern India is a traveler’s dream destination. The journey begins in the capital city of Delhi and continues to the south-east, the setting for the renowned Taj Mahal. Westwards stretches the vast deserts of Rajasthan and its vibrant princely heritage in Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur. Eastwards lie the temples of Khajuraho and the holy city of Varanasi.

Mumbai and Chennai form the gateways to exploring the south - a more tropical, slower, relaxed and exotic India. From the garden city of Bangalore and historic Mysore, to the picturesque Kerala, the quaint hill station of Ooty and Kochi, the oldest European settlement in India and the starting point for the tranquil backwaters of Kerala’s canals and rivers, South India is a wonderful melting pot of beautiful architecture, temples, beaches, Ayurvedic therapies, ancient martial arts, dances and a variety of mouth-watering cuisines.

Getting your Bearings

The first step to planning your holiday is to understand the regions and how to get there. There are a multitude of direct flight options from London Airports to the sub-continent on British Airways and Air India.  Most European and Middle-Eastern Airlines offer convenient one-stop connections to a multitude of Indian destinations from London as well as UK Regional Gateways.  Our Travel Team will be happy to assist you with your flight reservations.

Need Inspiration?

Where to Go

It has been said you could spend a lifetime in India and still not scratch the surface.   The best time to travel to India is between October and March with the months of April to September offering the best value.  With so much to see, for many first time visitors, we recommend a HIghlights itinerary to give you a great taste of the country and it's people.  Return visitors can delve deeper into her secrets. 


Our team in Delhi are particularly adept at creating unique and immersive tailor-made experential itineraries for our guests.  These can include aspects of Wellness and Healing, Arts & Crafts, Wildlife & Adventure, Sprituality, Festivals, Flavours and Luxury Trains!


Contact our Travel Team to get the ball rolling. 



India's princes may have long passed into history but their cultural and historic legacy lives on. Ancient palaces, forts and temples showcase an astonishing blend of Hindu, Jain and Islamic traditions which shaped everything from modest country estates to magnificent royal residences.


Although princely states were scattered across India, Rajasthan is widely thought of as the real home of the traditional Maharajas..



With its lacy white grandeur the Taj Mahal, built completely from flawless marble and inset with precious stones and jewels, is the finest example of Mughal architecure in the world. Emperor Shah Jahan built this incomparable mausoleum in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal and it is considered the most extravagant monument ever built for love.


The Taj Mahal is breathtaking from any angle, at any time of the day and in any season.



North India offers fabulous wildlife parks, sanctuaries and reserves. Visitors will find themselves awestruck when they visit Sariska, Corbett, Ranthambore, Kanha or Bandhavgarh and discover nature's grandeur.


If you are a nature lover then Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary in the north-east cannot be missed, especially with its promise of sightings of the one-horned rhino. Travellers can explore the natural beauty of the rainforest and catch a glimpse of herds of wild elephants as they bathe in Periyar Lake..



A quiet and secluded desert town for 51 weeks of the year, Pushkar becomes, for just a few days, an absolutely incredible extravaganza drawing people from around the globe. It is quite possibly the largest camel and cattle trading fair in the world. Camels are painted, adorned, beautified and raced to attract the best buyers.


Hindu devotees throng the ghats around Pushkar Lake in order to bathe, cleanse their sins and attain a place in heaven. Early risers might like to walk in the morning light to see the gypsy inhabitants waking up and preparing breakfast around the campfires.The Pushkar festival is celebrated according to the lunar calendar and takes place in the month of November.



For centuries these majestic mountains have challenged the spirit of man, inspired awe and symbolised the heights of achievement. Any visit to north India would be incomplete without experiencing the mighty Himalayas. From the quaint hill station of Shimla to the virgin pine forests and the surging rivers, there are many places which bring the mountain range and its foothills to life.


Breathtaking views, exhilarating walks, spa holidays - the choice is endless.



South India boasts some of the most remarkable temple architecture in India. With a living tradition of music and dance, the region is also culturally very rich. Some of India's greatest cultural treasures are found here, including the distinctive southern temples at Madurai, Thanjavur and Mamallapuram.


Travellers are also drawn to the attractive palm-lined beaches of Goa and Kerala with their golden sands and azure waters.



The Kerala backwaters beckon the visitor to catch a glimpse of rural village life. Festivals are marked by great elephant marches, snake boat races and colourful Kathakali dances.


The blue backwaters reflect the azure sky, contrasting with the amazing shades of green of the mangroves, coconut palms and paddy fields that cover the verdant countryside.

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