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With the World's Leading Cruise Companies

With so many cruise companies, itineraries, ships and sailings, booking a cruise can be somewhat daunting unless you are a seasoned professional!  Fortunately that's exactly what we are and our Travel Team will be happy to guide you through the options to find the cruise that is just perfect for you so why not make an appointment and come and see us for a chat?


We are constantly introducing offers and deals on a number of cruise lines, check in with the Travel Team for the latest drinks packages, added value offers and more!  We've put together our short recommendations on the various cruise lines below to help you narrow down your choices and for convenience we have listed the lines operating from Cyprus first.

The opinions are our own!



You can rarely go wrong with Royal Caribbean.  While we personally are generally fans of smaller to mid-size ships, they operate a selection of sized ships, right up to some of the largest ships in the world. 

We have always found Royal Caribbean to be a reliable and pleasant line with a solid product.

TIP:  Contact us to discuss your options when it comes to prepaying drinks & internet packages on board. 

MSC Musica Exterior.jpg



MSC is one of the largest cruises lines in the world and their new ships, MSC Seascape, MSC World Europa and MSC World America are pushing the boundaries when it comes to a new-style of cruising.

Discover a world of cruising with MSC - we offer a worldwise smorgasbord of outstanding cruises, choose from the Mediterranean, around Southern Africa, from the UK or up to the Baltic.

Cruise in true Italian style or upgrade to The Yacht Club on selected vessels for a true high-end experience.




Celestyal is a small, boutique Greek Cruise Line with big plans offering traditional Greek-style ocean hospitality on smaller ships.  With the introduction of the Celestyal Journey in late-summer, they will offer two ships, with Celestyal Discovery offering a selection of cruises around the Mediterranean with a number of departures from Limassol toward the end of 2024.

Queen Mary 2.jpg



Often considered the epitome of British Cruising, Cunard is the only company to still operate a true Liner, the Queen Mary 2.  If you haven't yet done a Transatlantic then pop it onto your bucket list.  There is something about arriving by ship into New York that will remain with you forever. 


The ships are elegant with lots of dark woods, rich fabrics and elegant furnishings.  Cunard operates many sailings from Southampton.  With varied itineraries and a number of World Cruise itineraries, we feel that Cunard offers a very comfortable cruise experience for those guests who truly appreciate the old style of cruising!

TIP:  Contact us for great fly-cruise offers Transatlantic, especially in the Spring and Autumn!




P & O Cruises is another firm British Cruising favourite.  With many departures from Southampton and a more relaxed, less formal style of cruising.  We've travelled on all of the P & O ships and have yet to be disappointed. 

We have always found P & O to be a good, all-round cruise experience with a good mixes of ages on board.  Longer cruises outside of school holidays tend to have an older demographic It's important to note that both Arcadia and Oriana are adult's only ships meaning that P & O have a cruise product for all markets.  The larger ships, Ventura & Britannia are much larger whereas Oriana and Aurora are much smaller. 

TIP:  Keep an eye open for the stunning new ship, IONA!




Celebrity Cruises has become a firm favourite of ours and our guests.  Originally viewed as a premium American Cruise Line, we have always found their ships to be beautiful, creative, elegant and often design-led.

With a number of departures from Southampton, Celebrity has been making waves this year with the arrival of Celebrity Edge, soon to be followed by Celebrity Apex.  We like Celebrity for taking the cruise experience to another level without the tackiness found on some other ships. 

The Cruise experience is outstanding, on-board facilities on-point and accommodations spot-on.

TIP:  Dont miss Edge and Apex - WOW!




We've always been firm fans of Fred Olsen Cruises.  Granted, their ships are not the newest, largest, or glitziest but for us therein lies the attraction.

With generally an older demographic, we appreciate the fact that they depart from a host of UK ports, a huge advantage for customers living north of London!

The ships are generally smaller.  Itineraries are interesting and creative, often taking passengers off the beaten track and into the smaller ports and routings that the larger vessels simply cannot access.

TIP:  Look out for their sailings around Scotland!  Stunning!



Considered to be one of the "Big Three" Cruise Lines, the ships have a "laid-back" ambience and they are known for their "Freestyle" cruising concept, by which there are no enforced dress codes or fixed dining times, perfect for the cruiser who prefers a little less formality and a little more flexibility during their day.

NCL , as they are known, operate a range of Mediterranean Cruises during the summer but are also known for their worldwide itineraries and the Caribbean in particular.  T

TIP:  Norwegian is particularly well-known for their onboard entertainment, great kids programmes and a wide range of international dining options 



As expected, Virgin have taken the cruise industry and somewhat turned it on its head.  Expect the "Rockstar" factor on their ships and, interestingly, they are also attracting an older clientele who appreciate their fun approach to cruising! Sure, there are millennials in their late 20s, 30s and even early 40s but for every 27-year-old on board, there was also someone close to 70 years old like the cruise line's founder, Richard Branson!

On certain Caribbean cruises you get access to their acclaimed "top-notch" beach club. Virgin Voyages does not simply give its amenities and activities quirky names — like "Lick Me Til Ice Cream" for the onboard ice cream shop. The overall experience is a bit different than what you'll come across on traditional cruise lines.

TIP:  There are also no set dining times, restaurant rotations or dress codes, though you can — and should — make dinner reservations.



Oceania Cruises Logo.png

We've always liked Oceania for their interesting itineraries, ports-of-call and desire to educate and enlighten.  Their ships are smaller and elegant and with their lower passenger numbers provide a more intimate, refined cruising experience.  They are certainly not stuffing and dress codes are not strictly enforced.  They have a targeted focus on their onboard cuisine with their Finest Cuisine at Sea TM programme.

With a number of the Oceania ships accommodating fewer than 700 passengers, you do get the feel or a much more personalized cruise and generally we have found their onboard service to be outstanding.

TIP: Oceania also have a great SOLO cruiser programme as well as single cabins available on certain ships.

Explorer 1.jpeg


Explorer Journeys Logo.png

Transforming luxury cruises into ocean journeys which inspire you to travel further, immerse deeper and linger a little longer.  Explora Journeys represents the ambition and long-held dream of the MSC Group and the Aponte family to redefine luxury ocean travel for discerning luxury travellers.

Explora Journeys is super-charging Italian Sea Faring tradition. Offering an "all-inclusive" experience, Explora Journeys smaller ships provide access to unique and interesting ports not accessible by larger ships, providing more of a "yacht club" experience.

TIP:  We have yet to experience Explorer Journeys but watch this space for a full report when we do!

Princess Cruises Alaska.jpg


Princess Cruises Logo.png

One could say that Princess Cruises "invented" cruising referring back to the famous days of the "Love Boat!".  Princess is now one of the largest cruise lines in the world.  While catering more to the mass-market they offer a good solid premium product which we would compare a little to P&O Cruises with an American twist.

Princess operates some of the world's largest cruise ships on itineraries that span the globe.  They are particularly noted for their Alaska Cruises out of Vancouver and Seattle

Princess offers a more traditional cruise experience, you generally won't find large waterparks and go-karting tracks on board their ships. Princess ships generally have really good outdoor spaces with nice pool areas and spaces for lounging.

TIP:  Princess have some of the best spa's afloat!




The "Yachts" of Seabourn are known as being one of the go-to cruise options for the discerning travelling.  Their beautiful smaller ships have an elegant atmosphere and guests do dress for dinner!  You can expect highly personalized service from a highly trained team.  Seabourn is a member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious gastronomic societies devoted to fine dining so you can be assured of outstanding cuisine on board.


Seabourn is making a concerted effort to attract a younger chic sophisticated demographic. You’ll see a good number of fellow guests as young as 40 on some cruises, although it still skews toward an average age of 60 or so. Guests tend to be successful in life and affluent. They are sociable. Most guest are couples, well traveled, and from the United States or the U.K.



Emerald Cruises.jpg

If you have ever imaged yourself on board a super-yacht then Emerald Cruises could be the option for you.

Reaching an impressive 110 metres in length, these spectacular luxury yachts will exceed your ocean cruising expectations . 


An abundance of space on board, combined with a maximum guest number of 100 and a crew of 76, allows the provision of an excellent level of personal service throughout your holiday.   Take to the infinity-style Aqua Pool or invigorating Spa Pool for some R&R.   Treat yourself to a relaxing massage or makeover at the Elements Spa & Wellness Centre.  Splash about and have fun in the ocean from the Marina Platform.   This is ultra-luxurious cruising made for the most discerning of traveller.


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