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“You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.”

Isak Dinesen - Out of Africa

Journeys to Africa

For many of us here at Journeys, Africa is a passion.  Pure and Simple.  Our Founders grew up in East and Southern Africa and developed a undying love for the continent, its people and its wildlife.  They often say that you will never work a day in your life if you are doing something you love.  Sharing experiences around the world is what we love and Africa holds a special place in our hearts.  Our Travel Team are on hand to help you discover your special Africa.

Getting Started


Planning a trip to Africa can seem daunting.  Where to go, when to go, how long to go for?  Don't worry, we have plenty of inspiration to get you started and the back-up of our Travel Team to assist you plan and our "Friends on the Ground" to assist you when you are away.  With 13 offices across East and Southern Africa, we are ideally positioned to plan, co-ordinate and execute your dream African holiday.  This direct access ensures peace of mind for our individual and group traveller's and the offices are all manned by local tour consultants with an in-depth knowledge of their destination, offering the best in advice for your holiday.

Many of our travellers have a good idea of when they would like to travel.  While certain area's such as Southern Africa are good all-year-round destinations, game viewing does vary across East and Southern Africa depending upon what time of year you travel.  Remember that the equator runs through Kenya so the seasons are different to those we experience in North America and Europe.  Don't be put off by the "Wet" seasons though, while downpours may be tropical, they are often short and sweet and the sun soon returns!  (Insider tip:  Lodges and Safaris are often much better value in the Mid and Wet Seasons!)


Africa is an all-year-round destination, however, you can naturally expect different experiences at different times of the year in different locations.  Use our handy Seasonal Travel Guide to check the seasons when planning your African vacation.  

Getting To Africa


We work with all the leading airlines to get you to Africa.  Remember that distances are large and connections are sometimes not as short as you may experience in Europe.  Airlines such as Turkish Airlines, QATAR and Ethiopian Airlines will pretty much get you anywhere on the continent with 1 connection from the UK.  We have listed some of the key gateways to Africa for travel from the United Kingdom and the United States non-stop.


Check the African Air Gateways

Africa Flight Map.png

Where to Go

All that is left now is to decide where to go!  Don't forget, our Travel Team are on hand to advise and assist, just drop us a line at any time to start your journey planning!  We have divided our African programme into a number of subsections as opposed to countries.  We don't often find our guests travelling to East and Southern Africa in one trip but this can of course be easily accomplished.  Many of our guests prefer their itineraries to be tailor-made but we also have a number of set itineraries as well as fully Escorted Tours available.  Just speak to our Travel Team for inspiration.


Decide where to go!


South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia


Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Ethiopia


A unique outpost in the

South Atlantic


Zanzibar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion


When to go, where to go


Once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Uganda


Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the NHS have up-to-date advice on staying safe and healthy abroad. For more on security, local laws, plus passport and visa information, see Keep informed of current travel health news by visiting For further information, please visit our Travel Advice page. The advice can change so check regularly for updates.


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