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What we look for in a Spa Hotel?

Updated: May 26, 2023

We spent the weekend celebrating a few milestone birthdays at Hoar Cross Hall in Staffordshire. Hoar Cross Hall has always come well recommended by friends and family and at just over an hours drive away.

As we reflected on the weekend away (soaking away in the hot tub) we ask ourselves the question..



Treatments must feel like a treat. We want to feel indulged, special and pampered. We appreciate that money can be made by therapists recommending and selling products, but when we are in the glorious post massage ‘ haze’ its not the time to be trying to flog a massage cream for our cellulite!

Towels – lots of them

A friend of ours who runs, told us that they estimate the average guest uses about 8 towels per session. Ecologically we aren’t winning prizes for this kind of behaviour, but no one wants to feel you are being nickle and dimed on your towel usage.

Bath Robe & Slippers

This is an essential side of any spa experience. And we like our Bath Robes dished out amount of inclusivity. A Size UK 24 shouldn’t be asked to squeeze into a Size 12 and your Size 8 shouldn’t asked to be wearing in a Size 18 . The same goes for slippers – not all women are a Size 5 and not all men a Size 9.


We insist on our spa’s being spot less. Plenty of hand sanitiser, space to relax without feeling we are surrounded a lot of other guests. Just enough guests to feel we can enjoy the experience without feeling by going into the Steam Room we are entering a covid soup!

Nice considerate fellow Spa Guests

You can have as many signs as you like about the maximum time you can spend in a Jacuzzi, no one really reads or observes them. We like spa’s where our fellow spa guests are considerate of space and time and the needs of other guests. No-one likes a bubble hog.

A fantastic Hairdryer

A fantastic hairdryer to test drive and enjoy after a day in the spa is an absolute must. In the last few weeks our spas have been set up with GHD’s and Dysons and we’ve left the spa with glossy shiny hair feeling like a million dollars.


Casale Panayiotis : Cyprus

The ancient spa village of Kalopanayitois in Cyprus has for centuries attracted visitors and pilgrims. Over Valentines weekend, two of our very own weary pilgrims, spent 48 hrs here, unwinding, relaxing and being pampered. We love the laid back atmosphere and a couple of nights here, we always leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ockenden Hotel & Spa : West Sussex, United Kingdom

Located about 20 minutes from Brighton on the old Brighton to London road, in Cuckfield, this beautiful spa has an inside pool and outside pool, as well as a couple of Jacuzzis, Sauna, Steam Room and lots of treatment rooms. Our tip - choose to stay in a Spa Suite if you want to be close to the Spa and be able to roll out of bed into the facility.

Carden Park : Cheshire, United Kingdom

Complete with a golf course, excellent hotel and a brand new outside spa facility, we loved our day spent here. We were so relaxed we felt that we could have been on a resort anywhere in the world. When the sun shines, who’d know we were only 20 minutes from Chester ?

Mottram Hall: Cheshire, United Kingdom

The spa facility at Mottram Hall has been taken over by the famous Champneys group. The spa and pool area has doubled in size and is absolutely gorgeous. Fluffy towels, flip flops to take home and all the bits and pieces to enjoy. Watch out for our report – we will be back there in June celebrating a birthday !

Hoar Cross Hall: Staffordshire, United Kingdom

It runs really well and the food was quite frankly exceptional. We found the pools a bit claustrophobic and would have loved some outside space to enjoy, especially since the weather was so lovely. That said we are already planning our return visit for next year.

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