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Introducing our 2023 Private Jet Tours

We are super-excited to announce three, incredible, set-departure private jet tours for 2023 featuring immersive experiences in fully-escorted comfort and luxury on board an all-business class Boeing 737 aircraft. CAPTIVATING CULTURES - From Rome to Rajasthan | 23 Day Grand Tour |

23 Sep 2023

On this unique holiday, Captivating Cultures: A Grand Tour from Rome to Rajasthan, you’ll be travelling by private jet throughout, with nine stops in six countries including Italy, Jordan, Uzbekistan and India. You’ll be staying in exquisite five-star hotels, taking part in exclusive experiences, as well as being accompanied by three dedicated tour managers, an operations director, expert local guides and attentive air crew. Everything is included, from in-flight champagne and gourmet meals to incredible excursions and activities.


LIONS, TIGERS & TRADEWINDS - Africa, Asia & Islands | 23 Day Grand Tour |

26 Feb 2023

Travel in luxury on-board a private Boeing 737 aircraft with just 24 other travellers, span continents and mighty oceans, diverse landscapes and cultures in one trip. You'll travel to nine very specially selected destinations while you retrace the paths of ancient trade routes starting in the Middle East, travelling to India and then on to Africa. It’s an exhilarating fusion of lions and tigers, maharajas and Maasai, and temples and tropical escapes that you won’t experience with anyone else.


AFRICA SPECTACULAR - From Europe to Africa | 22 Day Grand Tour |

05 Sep 2023

Be transported to awe-inspiring landscapes, some of the world’s best known cultural icons, and an unbelievable diversity of wildlife on our 2023 signature expedition.

Sit back, relax, and leave all the details to us as you journey to 7 countries in 22 days by private jet. You’ll travel in comfort and with peace of mind aboard a privately chartered aircraft for eight regional flights, between two and five hours in duration.

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