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Diary of my New York in May

Diary Entry: Uncovering Hidden Gems in New York


25 May, 2023


(This is a diary entry from my travels… regards MDS)


The last three days have been an absolute whirlwind of adventure as I delved into the lesser-known corners of New York City. It's incredible how this bustling metropolis holds so many hidden gems beyond the typical tourist traps. Let me recount the ten unique experiences that made today truly unforgettable:


First off, I embarked on a Street Art Safari in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The vibrant murals and graffiti masterpieces that adorned the streets left me in awe. It felt like I was stepping into a living, breathing canvas, each corner revealing a new burst of creativity. Funnily enough J-Lo is doing some sort of film project in the Bronx and people aren't happy about it...


Next, I dove deep into the soulful rhythms of New York's Underground Jazz Clubs. Smalls in Greenwich Village and The Jazz Gallery in Chelsea provided an authentic musical experience that resonated with my adventurous spirit. Met some amazing musicians who tried (unsuccessfully) to teach me how to play a base... I think I wont make this my day job....


Kayaking on the Hudson River offered a refreshing change of pace. Gliding past iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty while the city skyline loomed ahead was a surreal experience. The Hudson felt like my own private playground amidst the urban chaos. viewing a city from the river that runs trough it is a perspective I always love. Must do the Hudson again next time.


Finding solace in the midst of the city's hustle and bustle, I discovered Little Island. This floating park on the Hudson River felt like a tranquil oasis, complete with winding pathways and lush greenery. It was the perfect escape for a leisurely stroll and picnic.


My journey then led me to the hidden speakeasies of New York, where I stepped back in time to the Prohibition era. The clandestine atmosphere, secret entrances, and expertly crafted cocktails transported me to a bygone era of intrigue and excitement. It reminded me so much of incredible stories I've read that were set in that cheeky time in history.


Exploring the artists' studios in DUMBO was a feast for the senses. From converted warehouses to galleries brimming with creativity, I met local artists, witnessed works in progress, and gained insight into the city's thriving art scene. New York has influenced some of the great art of modern times. I mean do I really need to name them...


Embarking on a foraging adventure in Central Park was a culinary delight. One I never expected would work for me however, Guided by experts, I learned to identify and harvest wild edibles hidden within the park's lush landscape. It was a true farm-to-table experience unlike any other.


Then came my drama moment, immersing myself in interactive theatre experiences challenged my perceptions and ignited my imagination. From immersive dinner parties to site-specific performances, each production blurred the lines between performer and audience, leaving me spellbound.


Cycling along the city's greenways provided a refreshing escape from the urban jungle. The Hudson River Greenway and Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway offered stunning views and a chance to connect with nature amidst the city's concrete landscape.


Finally, rooftop farm tours offered a taste of urban agriculture and panoramic views of the city skyline. Learning about sustainable farming practices and sampling fresh produce grown on-site was a unique and enriching experience.


As I reflect on this trip and its adventures, I'm filled with gratitude for the opportunity to uncover the hidden gems of New York City. Each experience offered a glimpse into the city's rich tapestry of art, culture, environment, and creativity.


Until Tomorrow …


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