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Image by Alexander Popov


Hen & Stag Parties by Private Jet

Wow your Hen's & Stags

Take your Hen or Stag Party to a new level with Hen and Stag Parties by Private Jet.  Crack the champagne on take off and let the party in the sky start.  

For smaller groups, take on of our Super Mid-Size Private Jets or go big and charter our all Business Class Boeing 737 VIP! 

We can tailor-make your party to your specific requirements along with our specialist Hen and Stag Party Planners, taking care of every detail, event and surprise! 

Get in touch with our team to discuss your planning and get ready to PARTY! 

Flitestar Hen Party by Private Jet.jpg

Small Groups

Budapest.  Prague.  Krakow.  Bratislava.  Barcelona.  Ibiza.  Amsterdam or Barcelona?  Wherever you are looking to party hard we can fly you there in style on board one of our luxurious private jets.

You'll generally get the party going in one of our private airport terminals before boarding your private jet to whisk you away to the destination of your choice.   On board, the champagne will flow - an experienced guaranteed to WOW all your hen's or stag's. 

Pick one of our small jets or pack in a crowd and go big with our Boeing 737 vip with its all business class cabin! 

Large Groups

No problemo!  Our larger aircraft offer 54 and 94 Business Class Seats respectively if you really want to WOW your mates.  Whether you are flying a bunch of boys to Budapest or a bevy of beauties to Barbados, our team will help you plan and execute the Hen of Hen's and the Stag of Stag's. 

Take it up a notch and brand the plane and go down in history as you crash Instagram! 

Contact our experienced team to discuss your specific requirements and to receive a obligation-free proposal! 

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