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The Selous holds the title of the largest game reserve in the world. Despite being larger than Switzerland, the Selous has some of the finest virgin bushland in Africa where the last of the big-tusked elephants and large maned lions roam. The Selous is visited by fewer visitors than the more famous parks in the north, this means that in the Selous you can stretch your legs on a walking safari or take to the river on a motorised boat safari to experience the feeling of having this portion of Africa all to yourself.


  • Largely unspoilt and fewer visitors

  • Great location for walking or boat-based safari

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Where to Stay

You will note that we present our accommodation options in a slightly different way, Instagram style.  You won't find lengthy descriptions and information on how many hair dryers there are in your bedroom.  We let the pictures do the talking.  We prefer to get to know you, your likes and your quotation will include our detailed hotel recommendations and information (including hairdryers!).



Perched high on the riverbank with a vintage contemporary interior



On the banks of Lake Nzerakera, great for water-based activities too

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