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The Kenyan coast is a tropical paradise of palm fringed white sand beaches, where the waters of the Indian Ocean meet beautiful coral reefs.

Mombasa is Kenya's second largest town and has a cosmopolitan population blending African, Asian and Arabic cultures. The nearby towns of Malindi and Watamu are excellent bases for deep sea fishing. The coastal area has a rich, colourful history and some of the highlights are the 16th century Fort Jesus, old town and dhow harbour.

Protective reefs have created ideal beaches with calm, inviting waters. The reef walls offer world class diving with spectacular coral gardens. Activities like water skiing, windsurfing and deep sea fishing are available. Lamu is an ancient Arab island, blissfully lost in the tides of history with its historical mosques, narrow streets and lack of cars. There are also other smaller islands to explore.


  • Long walks on the white sandy beaches

  • Great water sport activities

  • Generally good weather all year round

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Where to Stay

You will note that we present our accommodation options in a slightly different way, Instagram style.  You won't find lengthy descriptions and information on how many hair dryers there are in your bedroom.  We let the pictures do the talking.  We prefer to get to know you, your likes and your quotation will include our detailed hotel recommendations and information (including hairdryers!).


Diani Beach

Considered to be the finest villas in East Africa



Great location just outside Mombasa town


Diani Beach

Elegant resort for the discerning traveller

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